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Kanutour Diemel Hofgut Stammen

Stammen - Wülmersen / Helmarshausen

Key data

Meeting point

Hofgut Stammen


3-4 hours

Price adult canoe tour Diemel, Hofgut Stammen



Prize for student canoe tour Diemel, Hofgut Stammen



Transfer included

Showers & Toilets on site


14km / 18km

Price children's canoe tour Diemel, Hofgut Stammen




Grill buffet & canoe tour Hofgut Stammen

Course of the tour

Canoe tour Diemel, Hofgut Stammen

Tour description

The ideal tour to take your first "steps" with a canoe / kayak starting at the Hofgut.


This trip begins at a leisurely pace on the Diemel. The relatively low current allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the special features of a canoe in peace before continuing behind the weir at the campsite in Trendelburg with a fast current and winding sections. Before the weir at the Wülmersen power station, the water becomes noticeably calmer again. From a distance, you can see the restored Water Castle Wülmersen, which is worth a visit.


Here you can decide whether the tour ends and you are picked up or you take a break, rest and continue. You decide on the spot in Wülmersen!


From Wülmersen, the tour leads past wooded slopes and gorges to the picturesque Helmarshausen valley. You get off at the weir and we take you back to the Hofgut.

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