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Key data

Meeting point

Hofgut Stammen


5 hours

Price adult Diemeladventurel, Hofgut Stammen



Prize student Diemeladventurel, Hofgut Stammen



Transfer included

Showers & Toilets on site



Prize children Diemeladventurel, Hofgut Stammen




Grill buffet & canoe tour Hofgut Stammen

Optionally with our Grill buffet

Tour description

The combination of a canoe tour, cycling and archery is absolutely experience-oriented:


You start the morning with a welcome coffee while we introduce you to the tour. The tour usually starts at the Hofgut Stammen. After an introduction of the paddling techniques and how to behave on the river, your tour starts from the Hofgut. You paddle on the lower section of the river towards Wülmersen. The trekking and MTB bikes we provide are waiting for you at the agreed exit point. From there you cycle upstream along the Diemel cycle path back to Hofgut Stammen. With prior agreement, the order of the canoeing & cycling of course can be swapped. When you arrive back at Hofgut Stammen, the last activity of the day awaits you: The instinctive archery.


This activity can be done outdoors or in our archery barn, regardless of the weather. A popular variant is the combination of Diemeladventure and our grill buffet.

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