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  • How is payment made?
    You have the option of paying on site by EC card or BAR.
  • Can I also travel there by public transport?
    By train: Hofgeismar-Hümme train station, continue by bus or hike (approx. 2 km) to the Hofgut.For school classes, we provide a free luggage shuttle from the Hümme train station to the Hofgut.Bus stop: Stammen B83
  • Kann ich eine gebuchte Tour/Veranstaltung/Aktivität/ Übernachtung verschieben?
    Im Einzelfall sind wir gerne bereit Ihnen, pro Saison, eine einmalige und kostenfreie Umbuchung zu ermöglichen. Bitte sprechen Sie uns dazu telefonisch an.
  • Can you swim in the Diemel?
    Yes, swimming in the Diemel is allowed. However, you should only swim at public jetties.
  • Do I need to have canoeing experience?
    No, this is not absolutely necessary. Since you will receive instruction in paddling technique from us before the canoe tour and a detailed description of the route to take with you.So you are able to guide the canoe safely and enjoy your tour.
  • Do I have to be able to swim?
    We have the right life jacket for every body size and body weight. We also have age- and body-appropriate life jackets for children and toddlers. It is compulsory for everyone to wear it. It is therefore not compulsory that you can swim.
  • How many people fit in a boat?
    We have 2, 3 and 4 seater Canadians in our range. In addition, 2-seater kayaks, the maximum load is 150 kg.
  • At what age can children take part in the canoe tour?
    We don't set a minimum age, but the children shouldn't be afraid of water and should enjoy playing diving games or similar in the swimming pool. In principle, children can be taken paddling, they should be able to sit independently for the duration of the planned tour. Your child's first tour shouldn't be too long so that you don't lose the fun of it. Please always think about the safety of your child (sun protection, no sling/baby seat, ability to act in the event of capsizing), the sole responsibility for the children lies with the parents. All participants (children, adults) will receive the appropriate life jackets or life jackets.
  • What should I wear / take with me during the canoe tour?
    • Sturdy shoes• Goggle straps• Weather appropriate clothing
  • Do I need a change of clothes?
    Since capsizing can never be ruled out, we recommend that you take a change of clothes and a dry towel with you.
  • Was passiert bei schlechtem Wetter?
    Grundsätzlich fahren wir bei Wind & Wetter. Ausnahmen sind extrem Wetterlagen und Hochwasser. General bieten wir in diesen Fällen ein Schlechtwetterprogramm (indoor) an. Dieses besteht aus Bogenschießen und Bauernspielen.
  • "Paddle time about 3 hours" - what does that mean?
    Our time information regarding the individual routes refers to the pure paddling time, which experience has shown that our guests need.
  • How do we get the boats back to the boarding point/from the disembarking point?
    The person and boat transfer is carried out by us and is always included.The meeting point is the Hofgut Stammen. If your canoe tour starts from there, we will pick you up at the end of the tour and take you back to Hofgut Stammen. If your tour begins in the upper reaches of the river, we will take you to the site and you can paddle comfortably back to us. With the Bike & Boat activity, you transfer people by bicycle.
  • Can we get off and rest along the way?
    Since the Diemel is located in a landscape conservation area, out of consideration for nature, it should be noted that the boats can only be exited at the designated points.Stepping out is prohibited in the wild. Please note the regulations of the floodplain protection area Diemel.
  • What about food before / during and after the canoe tour?
    It is best to bring your own picnic for your tour.Before the tour, our gastronomy is at your disposal with a breakfast buffet or a la carte menu.After the tour, our cozy beer garden by the river or the rustic gastronomy with a barbecue buffet and delicious food and drinks invite you to end a beautiful day.
  • Can my dog come on board?
    Of course. Dogs can paddle with us free of charge.It is advisable, however, to have “tested” whether the dog is canoe-capable before going on a canoe tour. You can test boarding/disembarking and behavior on the water with us and your dog free of charge by prior arrangement.
  • What is included in the barbecue buffet?
    Pork neck steak, turkey steak, bratwurst, grilled vegetables and grilled cheese. Optionally, we can also offer you trout and beef steak. Salads: tomato - mozzarella salad, pepper - feta salad, cucumber salad, coleslaw, potato salad and pasta salad. Various dips, side dishes (baguette) and dessert.
  • Who is responsible for the grilling?
    With us, the guest determines the degree of browning of the meat himself.
  • Is there a minimum number of people at the barbecue buffet?
    Yes, you must be at least 8 people.
  • How is the campsite equipped?
    On our campsite there are three power boxes, a large washing-up station, toilets including showers and a camping toilet emptying. Bring your own extension cord.
  • What do I need to bring for the camping barn?
    The hardware in the form of a tent including an insulating mat is available. We recommend a sleeping bag and possibly a second sleeping pad.
  • Kann ich als Gruppe mit Zelten, Wohnmobilen und Wohnwagen zusammenstehen?
    Ja, das ist sogar erwünscht :)
  • Können Feuerschalen ausgeliehen werden?
    Ja, gegen eine Pauschale können Fürschalen an der Anmeldung ausgeliehen werden.
  • Feuerholz?
    Feuerholz ist mitzubringen.
  • Wie groß sind die Parzellen?
    Bei uns gibt es keine festen Parzellen. Die Auswahl des Platzes kann jeder Gast selbst treffen.


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